RV on the open road

The freedom to roam, easy access to wander across the country with all the comforts of home.

No one understands the appeal of the RV life better than we do. It’s easy to stay in your RV when you visit Win-River Resort & Casino. Simply check in and register at the Hotel Front Desk and start enjoying your stay!

Nightly Rate: $30 + Tax. Call 530-245-9500 to make a reservation.


Conveniently Win-River Mini-Mart is located only 1.9 miles from the casino on your way to Interstate 5 North and South bound. The Mini-Mart has all your traveling needs. Perfectly situated at 2415 South Bonnyview Rd. Use this convenient link for Map & Directions to Win-River Mini-Mart

Park Amenities

30/50 AMP Service
BBQ area
24-hour security
Large concrete pads

Hotel Amenities
Due to current events WR-Spa, the resort fitness center, the pool & hot-tub, plus the business center are temporarily closed.

Hang permit from the mirror 
•Must be visible so Security can verify check in and check out date.
•$50 deposit (credit card only) 
•If the RV is older than 2005 Security has to approve the RV prior to checking in
•Funds will reverse back to card within 3-5 business days, per no damages to space or utilities.
•RV Pass Parking Area/Lot 4 available from
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM – No overnight dry camping.
•Random Security Checks
•Check in time is at 3 PM- RV must be registered.
•Check out time is at 11 AM- please be courteous to those who have reservations for the following day. Failure to check out in a timely manner will result in additional daily charges.
•Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM
•Maximum days- the same RV is permitted a maximum of 5 consecutive nights and must have a 72 hour rest period before renting again.
•Please abide by the speed limit of 10 mph for everyone’s safety.
•Pets are welcome- all pets must be leashed and under the control of the owner at all times. Please pick up your pet’s waste and dispose of it in a proper manner. Please keep barking to a minimum.
•Children under 18 must be supervised at all times families with unsupervised children who are disruptive will be asked to leave.
•Please keep awnings from overlapping onto the neighboring sites.
•Please keep your RV site clean and clear of debris- please discard your garbage in the trash receptacles.
•When dumping- a threaded connector or rubber donut is required for your sewer hose.
•Repairs of any kind are prohibited.
•Please respect the privacy of others- walk around occupied sites.
•RV must be self-contained- we do not have showers or bathrooms in the RV Park.
•No open flame/ BBQ at sites- please use designated BBQ pits provided.
•Alcohol Policy- no alcohol may leave the casino to be taken out to RV Area. Alcohol may not be consumed in the open park area.


What are the hours of the hotel front desk?
     •Our front desk is open 24-hours. If you need to contact the hotel front desk,
      Please call us directly at (530)245-9500
Can guests with RV’s still park outside of the RV Park?
     •Yes, RV’s can still park outside the RV Park at no charge. RV pass valid from 11:00am-10:00pm. Day use only, at no charge.
Are pets okay?
     •Yes, pets are okay in the RV area. They are not allowed in the Casino or Hotel. Must be on a leash and the owner is responsible
      for picking up after them. Disposal areas are provided.
Can guests leave RV/Motor home on site and go off the property in their towed vehicle?
     •Yes, we do ask that you do not leave your RV/Motor home unattended overnight.
How long are the RV spaces?
     •We have 13 RV spaces; they measure 52 feet in length pull through.
How many AMPs are in the spaces?
     •We offer 30/50 AMP services.
How long can I stay in the RV Park?
     •You can register and stay up to 5
      consecutive days, then you must vacate for at least 72 hours.
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