Casino Updates

Keeping you up to date

In light of current events our plans may require additional adjustments, We aim to keep you up to date on all changes as they become available. Here are some key requirements that apply to all guests:

  • All Guests must be 21 to enter the Casino. A Valid I.D. is required. 

  • We have implemented the use of non-invasive thermal scans at the entrance of the casino.

  • Please wear a face cover unless actively eating, drinking or smoking.

  • 6 ft. Social distancing is encouraged.

  • There are several sanitation stations and sinks for hand-washing.

What's New

Events are back May 1, 2021

Capacity will be limited in the Event Center to allow for physical distancing, with a maximum capacity of 168 guests in an event.

Round tables will be used to seat guests, with a maximum amount of tables that provide at least 8 feet distance at all sides between each table. A maximum of 6 guests are allowed at a table.

Front tables will be 6 feet from the Event Center stage.

Tables will be sold to a single group to limit the interaction of guests from different groups..

A designated entrance and separate exit will be used.

Lines or queues will be eliminated where possible, and guests will be encouraged to stay at least 6 feet apart while moving throughout the Event Center.

Physical guides, such as tape on floors or sidewalks and signs on walls, may be provided to ensure that individuals remain at least 6 feet apart in lines and at other times (for example; guides for creating one-way routes).

Online attendance options, in addition to in-person attendance, may be offered to help reduce the number of attendees.
Physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions, may be installed in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart (such as at cash registers).

* Starting December 15, 2020 – You can now order your favorite eats and treats online at CreekSide.

* Effective July 23, 2020 – We will be closed Tuesday, July 28 from 3 AM – 6 AM for a deep cleaning and anti-microbial treatment.

* Effective July 14, 2020 – Elements,  WR Spa, fitness center, & sauna  are temporarily closed.

* Effective June 18, 2020, everyone entering Win-River Resort & Casino must wear a  face mask while inside the Resort & Casino. Face masks are provided to team members and guests upon entering the Resort & Casino, or you may choose to wear your own, provided it meets Resort & Casino guidelines. You may remove your mask to eat, drink or to smoke.

*All events and conferences are canceled through 2020.

Table Games are open 24/7 with safety protocols in place.

Win-River Hotel is OPEN! Make a reservation Here.
Please note WR-Spa, sauna & fitness center are currently closed.

Please check back for more updates as they become available.